Wood County CSEA offers the following services to all IV-D consumers:

  • Establishment of paternity
  • Location of non-residential parents
  • Establishment of child support and medical support orders
  • Enforcement of child support and medical support orders
  • Collection and disbursement of support payments
  • Interstate collection of child support
  • Withholding of wages and unearned income for the payment of court-ordered support
  • Offset of federal and state income tax refunds for the collection of child support arrearages
  • Review and adjustment of child support orders
  • Education and outreach about the child support program and appropriate referrals for community and government services

We do not have the ability to:

  • Negotiate visitation rights nor address contested visitation issues
  • Open a child support case prior to the birth of a child
  • Determine custody of children
  • Collect unpaid medical bills without a Court Order
  • Collect divorce property settlements
  • Locate runaway children
  • Act as your private attorney
  • Give credit for direct payments
  • Dictate how support is used
  • Discuss case with a third party without a release
  • Release Federal Tax Information

If a Child Support Enforcement Agency Attorney is used in the paternity, establishment, modification, or enforcement phase of your IV-D case, you need to be aware of the following:


The CSEA attorney represents the State of Ohio. No attorney-client relationship exists between the CSEA attorney and any individual party.


The CSEA attorneys have the responsibility to review cases for litigation, recommend appropriate legal proceedings, conduct pretrial negotiations and collection activities, and finalize proceedings and appropriate court orders.


You have the right to obtain legal representation for yourself at any time you choose; now, or in the future. If you do so, you will be responsible for the attorney fees and costs.