child support
  When Should I Call My Case Manager?

When you call Child Support, be prepared to ask the receptionist to speak with your case manager. If you do not know who your case manager is, you can give the receptionist your case number (starting with a '7'), or your social security number to look up your case manager.


Reporting change of address or employment . . .

Whenever you have new information to update your file, you should call your Case Manager.

A common example of new information is when you experience a CHANGE IN EMPLOYMENT, a CHANGE OF ADDRESS or a NEW PHONE NUMBER. Keep in mind, some changes will require written documentation, for example, a CHANGE IN NAME requires proof, such as a driver's license or a social security card.

Requesting a copy of a payment history . . .

If you would like a copy of the SETS payment history, call your Case Manager. Please remember that other CSEA personnel support you and your Case Manager. You may not always reach your Case Manager directly.

If you are required to leave a voice mail message, please know that all phone calls are returned within one business day as a matter of policy. Also, if you are coming to the Agency to pick up documentation you must provide a picture ID as proof of identity before documents will be released to you.

Questions on your case. . .

Also, call your Case Manager anytime you have a question about your case. Case Managers are professionals here to serve you. They often make professional referrals for related government or community services.

For Obligees. . .

If you are not receiving support, please contact the agency by phone or in writing. If we do not hear from you we cannot assume that collection or enforcement is required.

The following information may be requested if you are requesting enforcement. Your assistance here can greatly enhance and even guide our actions.

  • Name and address (if known) of the person obligated to pay support
  • Name and address of the Obligor's most recent employer
  • Names of friends or relatives, or organizations to which the Obligor may belong
  • Location of any real or personal property the Obligor may own
  • Any other information concerning the whereabouts of the Obligor
Can my current spouse call regarding my account?
No. Your case is confidential. Child Support Services cannot release information to another party, including your attorney, unless you have signed a release. Your attorney and Child Support Services have forms for this purpose.
Obligee Any person, including a state or political subdivision, to whom a duty of support is owed
Obligor Any person owing a duty of support, or a person against whom proceedings for enforcement of a duty of support is in process.
Residential Parent The parent with whom the child lives.
Non-residential Parent The parent who does not live with the child.
Income withhold "Notice of Income Withholding", a notice that requires an employer, financial institution, or other party to deduct support payments directly from the income of the obligor.
FIDM Financial Institution Data Match, a program that cross references account information.
CSPC Child Support Payment Central, a centralized collection and disbursement system (a pamphlet outlining Frequently Asked Questions about CSPC is available).
Default Case Any case that has fallen behind by at least one month of the support obligation.
SETS Support Enforcement Tracking System, a statewide computer system for child support. (Additional information about SETS is available).
Arrearage Delinquent or past due support.
Administrative Fee A service fee required by State law to cover the cost of posting receipts and disbursing payments.
IV-D (4-D) A section of Federal law that authorizes enforcement remedies to collect support and provides Federal funding for the local agency.
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