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  What is the National Medical Support Notice?

With HB 657, newly enacted code sections provide for the generation and use of the National Medical Support Notice (NMSN). The NMSN is a ten-page form required by FEDERAL legislation. Employers favored the FEDERAL legislation for the NMSN because of the resultant consistency with a form used by all states. The NMSN is use to notify an employer of a employee’s court ordered responsibility to provide health insurance coverage for the children who are the subject of a child support order. Generally speaking, upon receipt of the notice, the employer is required to complete the form and provide the requested health insurance information regarding health insurance availability to the CSEA. Employers are then required to enroll the child under the available plan and to withhold employee contributions necessary for coverage of the children. In order to inform the employee about the NMSN activity, the CSEA will send A Notice of Medical Support Enforcement Activity directly to the employee. Once the employee receives the notice, they may make a written request for an administrative hearing to determine whether a Mistake of Fact was made in the NMSN. During the Hearing, two issues would be addressed: 1. Correctly identifying the party responsible for health insurance coverage. 2. Correctly identifying the children covered under the health insurance order.

  Who can be ordered to provide medical insurance?
  Either party or both parties subject to the order may be ordered to provide the medical insurance.
  What health insurance costs are considered “reasonable?”

FEDERAL regulations identify “reasonable costs” for health insurance as the costs of any plan “available through an employer.” In addition, OHIO regulations require an employer to ensure that the amount fo child support and the amount of the health insurance premium do not surpass the limits established under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. This limit can equal as much as 65% of net disposable earnings.

  My current spouse has my children covered on her insurance. Can I ignore the NMSN?

No. OHIO law requires the NMSN to be sent to the employer of the person who is court ordered to provide the medical insurance. You may, however, request a court hearing to change the medical insurance order.

  I can't get health insurance with my job but my ex-husband gets good benefits where he works. Can he be required to carry the children on his insurance?
  Yes. Our office will also petition the court to include medical support in any order for child support when employment related or other group health insurance is available to the noncustodial parent at a reasonable cost. Court orders can also be modified to include health care coverage.
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