child support

Your county child support enforcement agency (CSEA) can help find the physical whereabouts of the non-residential parent, the employer, or other sources of income and assets so that the CSEA may take the next step to secure or enforce a child support order.

  I think the children's father is still in the area. What information will the enforcement office need to find him?

Most important is the social security number and current employer's name and address; also helpful are the names, addresses and phone numbers of any relatives, friends, or past employers who might know where he works or lives. Unions, local clubs or organizations, including professional organizations, might also have information. Finally, information about local creditors, such as banks or utility companies, might yield an address.

  What will happen when the caseworker has the current address of the noncustodial parent?
  The child support worker will verify the home and work addresses, then may ask the parent to come to the CSEA office for an interview, or notify him that legal action may be taken.
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