child support
  Often times, it is necessary to utilize the assistance of another States' Child Support Agency to successfully establish, enforce and/or modify an existing child support order. This process is known as Interstate Action. The uniform act used to work these interstate cases if referred to as UIFSA (Uniform Interstate Family Support Act).
  I know the address of my child's father in another State, and my caseworker sent a petition to establish/enforce my support order there. How long will it take to receive support payments?

This varies, depending on what action is necessary. If an interstate request is made to another State for enforcement of an order, it may take several months up to a year to get this case into court (some state longer). If legal action is required, your local CSEA will closely monitor the status of the request.

  I have been served to appear at a hearing in another state. Am I required to travel and appear for this hearing?
  Many custodial parents are angry when, after the non-custodial parent is finally located and served notice of the enforcement action, he or she moves on. It is difficult to enforce child support payments when the non-custodial parent intentionally moves to avoid paying. Try to be an active participant in your own case. Whenever you learn that the non-custodial parent has moved or has a new job, you should tell your caseworker as soon as possible.
  How do I get my support order modified when one or both parties no longer live in the state that issued the order?

Either party may seek a modification of an order issued in another state. Issues faced with who has authority to modify an order can be complicated.

If either of the parties still reside in the state which issued the support order, and this is the only support order for the case, only that state has jurisdiction to modify the order.

If neither party still reside in the state which issued the order, and this is the only support order for this case, the state in which the non- requesting party resides must register the order in that state and has jurisdiction to modify it.

Your CSEA has tools available to make the assessment for you.

  I don't have a support order. Can I have one established by petitioning the court where my ex-husband lives?

Yes, this can be done. Depending on the facts, it could be handled in our state or referred to another state. An affidavit of the facts, including the name and address of the responsible parent, details of your financial circumstances, and the needs of the children will be included. The petition will be mailed to the enforcement agency, the court, or the information together with information about the father's ability to pay, and set the amount to be paid.

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