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  When does my Child Emancipate?

Unless otherwise stated in an original order, current State law generally provides that if a child reaches the age of eighteen and is not attending high school or if a child reaches the age of nineteen regardless of school enrollment, the child is considered emancipated.

Upon emancipation, the child support order terminates. Either party may notify the CSEA of the child's emancipation. Upon notification of the emancipation, the CSEA Case Manager will verify the emancipation. If an arrearage exists, the amount being collected will remain the same until the arrearage has been satisfied.

If you have questions about how the emancipation process will affect your case, please contact your Case Manager with any questions.

Child support must stop if:

  • Your child marries before age 18.
  • Your child joins the armed forces.
  • Your child becomes self-supporting before age 18.
  • Your child comes to live with you and you obtain legal custody.
  • You die or your child dies.
  • Someone else adopts your child.
  • You and the other parent begin or resume living together.

As soon as your child meets one of the conditions listed above, contact Child Support Services and request that the child be emancipated—that is, removed from the child support order.

You will need to supply documents that contain the child’s name such as:

  • a high school diploma
  • marriage license
  • military enlistment document
  • death certificate
  • adoption papers
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